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Smokin' meats

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The meat dish is often the focus of a meal. It should be cooked to perfection and paired with great side dishes.

Wagyu Beef is full of flavor.

Perfectly Cooked Meats

I try to use only the highest grades of meat available - prime or better.

Ordering early is important. That is what provides the time to locate the best cut of meat for your order. In the event a higher grade of meat is not available, it will still taste good and be cooked to perfection. I just think you'll be happier with a higher quality meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions may not answer all that you have, but it's a start. After reading through them, call me at 407-574-9800. Leave a message if I don't pick up. Cooking's my passion, I make a living doing something else.

Shrimp Low Boil
This will largely depend upon what meat dish you will be serving. Some of my briskets are wet-aged 30 days or more. Specialty meats, such as Wagyu beef need to be ordered far in advance too. Smaller cuts are easier to find. As a general rule, try to order at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Don't fret if you need something last-minute though. I might have just what you need in my 'private stock.'
I can cater any size of party, however, the best size for my set up is under 100 people. A lot depends upon the type of meat being served too. My experience has taught me how many pounds of meat are required to serve the number in your party. Call me to talk about it.
My specialty is meat dishes. I do have a few killer side dishes that I prepare. More about these will be posted on my site in the near future. Until then, call me and I'll give you the run-down.
Over the years, I've cooked on most any device known to man. From in-ground hog pits to fancy gas grills and wood-burning stoves. If you don't have what is required, I can bring my own.
No. Smoking meat is my specialty, but I incorporate many moist and dry methods of cooking into preparing various meats. I can fry, grill, braise, roast, bake, broil, sear, boil, barbeque, steam, poach, simmer and can even cook ceviche-style! If it is meat or seafood, I can prepare it properly and to your taste.

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